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With soulful melodies reminiscent of Norah Jones, the vocal strength of Aretha Franklin, and the authenticity of Adele, Caitlin Eadie quickly became a familiar name in both the Los Angeles and Nashville music scenes. Her captivating vocal performances walk the line between vulnerability and toughness, with lyrics and a smooth R&B / pop aesthetic that showcases her as an independently strong and passionate pioneer of modern pop. Caitlin’s emotive vocals bring to mind the great jazz/soul singers of the 50’s, while also possessing enough contemporary pop sensibility to keep her rooted in the music of today. This diverse combination of musical eras and vocal styles only works to further demonstrate just how talented and eclectic Eadie’s sound is. Now, with the release of her sophomore album Balancing Act on the horizon, Caitlin Eadie is ready to put the pop world on it’s head with her diverse blend of songwriting, dynamic vocals, and an eclectic production taste.

The story of Caitlin Eadie’s musical transformation began with an old karaoke machine in a small town in Northern Florida. As a child, Caitlin wore out the machine, and eventually began performing at local fairs and festivals around town. During High School Caitlin got a quick taste of performing on the road, traveling to gigs all over the Southeast. After graduating, Caitlin packed her bags for Nashville where she enrolled in a Music Business program at MTSU. It was her time in Nashville that was crucial in the continued development of her songwriting and performance chops. During her time in Music City, Caitlin performed at writers rounds, wrote solo and with others, and balanced school and work obligations. This all lead to Caitlin’s first full-length release, 2013’s Between Hi & Goodbye record, which she co-produced with Jonathan Roye. It was this record that came to the attention of LA's Sleeping Giant Music Group who subsequently offered Caitlin a publishing deal. Things were in motion. From that old karaoke machine in Northern Florida, to a publishing deal in Los Angeles, the stars in Caitlin’s musical sky were finally starting to align.

Caitlin put finishing her degree on hold, accepted the publishing deal, packed her car, uprooted her life again, and moved across the country to Los Angeles. Since relocating to LA, Caitlin has performed at renowned venues like the Hotel Cafe, the Mint, and others. Along with two successful European tours in 2015, Caitlin has also shared the stage with notable acts such as Colbie Callait and Marc Broussard. All the while, she has been gathering life experiences and writing new material that has shaped her new sound which is on full display in kaleidoscopic color on Balancing Act.

Influenced by artists like Billie Holiday, Paolo Nutini, and Otis Redding, Caitlin's passionate, soulful vocals stack flawlessly on top of her persuasive and assured songwriting. This has never been more clear than on her sophomore effort, Balancing Act.  Standout track “Wolf Cry” features some of Caitlin’s most impassioned vocals and lyrics to date, over a sleek and dark pop production that only works to help elevate Caitlin’s artistry to new heights. “Lesson Learned” features a booming chorus with Eadie’s vocals painting a painful picture of heartbreak over an almost retro pop production. “Palm Tree Dreaming” possesses a hip-hop production aesthetic but paired with Caitlin’s unique and subtle croon – and her lyrical critique of LA’s darker underbelly – it’s hard to put a label on the track. The same can be said for the album as a whole, for it is indeed, a “balancing act.” Equal parts pop, hip/hop, R&B, and folk, Balancing Act is the album that Caitlin Eadie hopes will separate her from the pack.

Caitlin had this to say about the album and her art: “I love wearing my heart on my sleeve through words and melodies.” “It's beautiful when someone identifies with my words and makes me feel like I'm not the only one to experience it. Music allows us an outlet to never be alone with our feelings.”


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